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The NCVS is a multi-site research and teaching organization dedicated to studying the characteristics, limitations and enhancements of human voice and speech.

-Ingo R. Titze, Ph.D.
Executive Director

New paper from Roger Chan, Ph.D. (6/12/2012)

Could Spatial Heterogeneity in Human Vocal Fold Elastic Properties
Improve the Quality of Phonation

Sarah A. Klemuck, PhD - Recent interview with Malvern Instruments - Check it out (click here)

Tobias Riede, PhD.(Click to see bio)

Riede, T (2011) Of Humans and Alligators- By Tobias Riede, Isao T. Tokuda, and C. G. Farmer

Roger Chan Ph.D.(see bio here)

Roger Chan PhD, In voice research, in vitro tensile stretch experiments of vocal fold tissues are commonly employed to
determine the tissue biomechanical properties. (See full pdf here)

Scott L. Thomson Ph.D.

Identification of geometric parameters influencing the flow-induced vibration of a two-layer self-oscillating computational vocal fold model. (See full pdf here)

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