Ingo R. Titze, Executive Director

  • One of the world's leading voice scientists
  • Published over 400 articles on voice
  • Author of "Principles of Voice Production" - used worldwide as an introductory text, and translated into multiple languages.
  • Author of "The Myoelastic Aerodynamic Theory of Phonation" used by engineers and physicists
  • Author of "Fascinations with the Human Voice" - written for the general public
  • Co-Author of "Vocology" written for clinicians and vocal pedagogues
  • University of Iowa Foundation Distinguished Professor of Speech Science and Voice.
  • Degrees in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E., M.S.) and Physics (Ph.D.)
  • Singing teacher; regular contributor to Journal of Singing
  • Fellow of Acoustical Society of America, American Speech Language Hearing Association, American Laryngological Association (
  • Bi-lingual (German, English) and bi-cultural (born in Germany)
  • Singer of multiple styles - opera, Broadway, pop Samples
  • Inventor of Pavarobotti, the singing robot

For a partial - but continuously updated - list of Dr. Titze's publications, explore the National Library of Medicine's website, PubMed. [Note: this link will open in a new browser window.]
Link to an abbreviated vita

Contact in Utah | 801.596.2012

Contact at The University of Iowa (September - December) | 319.335.6600

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